New Generation Platform

About Us.

Our organisation is devoted to facilitating development within the grassroots, through capacity building and empowerment initiatives. To eradicate poverty among youths, women and those who are under privileged by providing with platform that will not only inspired them but also empower them to be independent and contribute usefully to themselves and the society at large.

Our Vision
To provide a platform where the less privileged and the very poor can access the opportunity to enhance their lives to become self-sufficient, and contribute productively to their society.

Our History
New Generation Platform (NGP) is a non-government organization based in the Netherlands. The organisation was formed by a group of Nigerians in Diaspora living in the Netherlands, after a thorough analysis of the problem currently being faced by many Nigerians living in the motherland. The need for people in Diaspora to get involved and contribute their quota to the elevation of poverty should not end with remittance alone. These reasons lead to the formation of this organisation, not only to focus on development initiatives back home, but to stimulate Nigerians in Diaspora living in the Netherlands to actually participate in development of the country, by financing small scale projects that will empower the youth and women, or in engaging in establishment of small scale venture in the Country. The aim of NGP is to promote and undertake development initiatives in Nigeria with focus on the economic, social, educational, gender equality, awareness creation and campaigning, to better enhance the lives of the less privilege in both the rural and urban dwellers in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria, but with emphasis on the South Region. The organisation (NGP) subsequently will commence significant developmental programs that would set in motion the empowerment of the poor and the deprived, such as unemployed youths, women and the people in the grassroots in general. This will enable NGP to provide the platform, where these less privileged, can develop the required skills, access support and the awareness to become economic self-sufficient.