Snail farming is one of the hidden treasures that many Nigerians can rely on as a means of livelihood. The demand for snails cannot be overemphasized because of its abundant nutritional content and value. Therefor it implies that local and export market abounds for snail meat. It is high in protein, iron low in cholesterol, and contains all the amino acids the body needs. It has medical properties which are useful in the control and cure of various illnesses, hence the resolve to train women and young people on snail farming as a means of income.

The land requirement for snail farming is small when compared to other agricultural activities, therefore environmental friendly. The snail enriches the soil with their compost because it eats mainly green vegetables and pellets, therefore acting as a source of manure contributing to the soil fertility. Snail farming can be managed by young, old, women and even disabled persons. The most interesting aspects of snail farming is it is very lucrative and profitable, as it can bring back return on investment within 14 months