New Generation Platform

This is what we do.

  • Strategic Priorities
  • Capacity building
  • To promote and support agricultural development initiative in rural areas to fight unemployment and poverty.
  • To facilitate and implementation income generating and poverty alleviation projects such as micro-credit schemes by promoting micro, small and medium enterprises development initiatives.
  • To facilitate capacity building and empowerment of women, youth and the unemployed people in the rural area.
  • To conduct awareness and enlightenment programmes such as seminars, symposia, workshops, and conferences.
  • To partner with other NGOs and institutions (both private and public) in facilitating the training of women, youths in new farming and fishery skills.
  • To promote education and literacy amongst local communities and the rural poor through funding and scholarship schemes.
  • To undertake research that identifies client needs, that will enable the formulation of a comprehensive intervention mix and inform social policies.
  • To ensure that NGP delivers and operates services within an ethical framework, acceptable to nongovernmental organisations.